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A Life Beyond The Shades Of Time

Eeriness was founded in 1996 by Thomas Laupper, guitar, and Philipp Gnos, guitar and vocals. Rainer Stüssi took the drummer¢s part and Ramon Burlet joined in as the man with the bass.

With this formation Eeriness were to be settled in the heavy metal domain.

After some time, Eeriness began experimenting with keyboards. First only marginally introduced, the keyboards gained more and more importance and an additional musician was needed. He was found in Andy Salzmann

For personal reasons Ramon Burlet and Andy Salzmann left the band in early 1998. However, successors were quickly found: Markus Burri was to be the new man on the keys and Mikko Wiederkehr replaced the man on the bass.

In April ¢98 the demo CD „Lord of the Night“ was recorded live from the rehearsal room. The result was a mixture of heavy and gothic metal.

From 1998 to 2000 Eeriness played various concerts and started focussing on gothic metal.

It was in this period that Tilia Schneider joined in and complemented the band with female vocals. In October 2000 Eeriness made the first studio record and went to the Dreamsound studio in Einsiedeln to record the promotion CD „Endless...“

In summer 2001 Zorka Ciklaminy enhanced the band with her cello.

At the end of December 2001 Markus Burri left Eeriness after more than four years behind the keyboard. He wanted to concentrate more on his education. Tilia Schneider spontaneously gave the female vocals up and replaced him. As a consequence, though, her part also needed a successor as another studio record had already been planned. For this record Katarina Krcmárová, an opera singer from Slovkia was finally and luckily found.

In early 2002 Thomas Laupper announced his resignation and stayed until Roland Hurni was definitely harmonized with the band in May 2002..

The era of “A Life Beyond The Shades Of Time“ 

Towards the end of 2002 Eeriness recorded the present album “A Life Beyond The Shades Of Time“ with the line up Ciklaminy, Gnos, Hurni, Krmárová, Schneider and Stüssi. The album was recorded in the Newsound studio and was produced by Tommy Vetterli in cooperation with Eeriness.
At the end of February an international contract could be signed at Shark Records.

As the album received good reviews all over the world, Eeriness gained more and more possibilities to play gigs in all of Europe and interviews by various magazines and webzines followed

After eight years behind the drums Rainer Stüssi left the band after a break due to a sports injury. Thomas Willareth who had already played the drums during the time when Rainer Stüssi was disabled, became the definite drummer of Eeriness.

The release date of the new Eeriness album called "Paths", which was recorded in the German Iguana Studios, is scheduled for release on March 23. 2007. The album will be released by Nonstop Music and Twilight Vertrieb.  

The new recording is the consequence of the band's pursuit of enhancements to their sound. "Paths" is more manifold, harder and more complex than "A Life Beyond The Shades Of Time". Through collaboration with Christoph Brandes (Iguana Studios), Eeriness were able to reach a higher level of quality. Eeriness are very happy about the final product and are hoping that the listeners enjoy "Paths" the same amount as they do.


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